Multiplayer Manifest

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Accurate when fired in short bursts, and deadly when fired on full auto. M-8 Avenger X
Reliable, accurate sidearm. M-3 Predator X
Common military shotgun. Deadly at short range, but ineffective at long range. M-23 Katana X
A submachine gun that fires six-round bursts. M-4 Shuriken X
Powerful sniper rifle. Accurate at long range, but slow rate of fire. M-92 Mantis X


High-powered battle rifle that fires three-round bursts. M-15 Vindicator X
Fires high-power, medium-range shots. Slower rate of fire than a true assault rifle, but more controlled. M-96 Mattock X
Fully automatic machine gun with a good balance between precision and firepower. Phaeston X
Heavy pistol with good accuracy and fire power. M-5 Phalanx X
Rapid fire shotgun. Deadly at short range, ineffective at long range. M-27 Scimitar X
The Eviscerator is a longer-range shotgun. M-22 Eviscerator X
This submachine gun is deadly at short range but inaccurate at long range. M-9 Tempest X
Designed for longer-range encounters than a standard submachine gun, the Locust is a highly accurate model with an infamous history. M-12 Locust X
Accurate and deadly at long range. M-97 Viper X
Hybrid of an assault rifle and a sniper rifle with semi-automatic fire and low recoil. M-13 Raptor X
A sniper-rifle that fires long-range, 3-round bursts. M-29 Incisor X


Less accurate than most assault rifles, but has a high thermal clip capacity and deals heavy damage. M-76 Revenant X
Krogan rifle with explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. Striker Assault Rifle X
A geth pulse rifle with a high rate of fire and steady aim. Geth Pulse Rifle X
Rifle that fires mini-grenades. M-37 Falcon X
Heavy-hitting Collector assault rifle with advanced accuracy stabilization. Collector Rifle X
High-powered rifle that fires three-round bursts. M-55 Argus X
Electrical weapon that's effective against shields and synthetic targets. Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle X
Electrical weapon that can be charged up for a more damaging blast. Arc Pistol X
Infiltration weapon that features a silencer as to not give away the shooter's position. M-11 Suppressor X
Highly accurate and lethal sidearm. M-6 Carnifex X
Heavy-duty one-shot pistol invented by Blood Pack weapons experts. Executioner Pistol X
Light pistol that excels at destroying barriers and shields. Acolyte X
Powerful shotgun. Very short ranged, but high stopping power. AT-12 Raider X
Quarian electrical weapon that's best at close range. Reegar Carbine X
Krogan weapon that causes blood loss damage over time. Can be charged for more damage. Graal Spike Thrower X
Shotgun that can be charged up for additional damage. Longer range than standard shotguns. Geth Plasma Shotgun X
Powerful asari shotgun. A successful hit will stagger an enemy. Disciple X
Shotgun that deals tremendous close-range damage. M-300 Claymore X
Rapid-fire, low-recoil shotgun. N7 Piranha X
Long-range submachine gun that fires 3-round bursts. M-25 Hornet X
Fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. Geth Plasma SMG X
Deadly accurate antimateriel rifle. M-98 Widow X
Heavy turian sniper rifle with explosive rounds and an automatic scope for all-range fighting. Krysae Sniper Rifle X
Beam-based weapon capable of sustained fire. Does not require thermal clips. Collector Sniper Rifle X
Deadly one-shot batarian weapon. Causes bleed-out or disruption of target. Kishock Harpoon Gun X

Ultra Rare

High-powered rifle. Excellent accuracy and rate of damage. N7 Valkyrie X
This fully automatic weapon fires charged projectiles that break apart and create plasma on impact. Geth Spitfire X
Heavy duty semi-automatic rifle. M-99 Saber X
The Prothean Particle rifle. An alien energy weapon. Particle Rifle X
Introduced directly after the First Contact War, the M7-Lancer is a rare collector's item. M-7 Lancer X
Light machine gun with face shield. Recoil lowers if fired from cover. N7 Typhoon X
Full-auto Cerberus rifle with low recoil and heat generation. Cerberus Harrier X
Shotgun-pistol hybrid, effective at close range. M-358 Talon X
Pistol that fires adhesive explosives that can also be used as proximity mines. Scorpion X
High-powered pistol. Variant of the M-6 Carnifex. M-77 Paladin X
Accurate, rapid-fire handgun. N7 Eagle X
Shotgun with heavy stopping power. Variant of the M-22 Eviscerator. M-11 Wraith X
Double-barreled shotgun that fires ammunition that detonates on impact. A third barrel fires microgrenades. Venom Shotgun X
Precision shotgun, with a moderate rate of fire and high penetrative power. N7 Crusader X
SMG with a high rate of fire and high damage, but low precision. N7 Hurricane X
Low-recoil submachine gun. High rate of fire, and effective against armor. Does not require thermal clips. Collector SMG X
Submachine gun with a secondary barrel that fires armor-piercing rounds. Blood Pack Punisher X
Sniper rifle with a slow rate of fire, offset by a quick reloading time. N7 Valiant X
Geth sniper rifle with thermal imaging that allows firing through walls. Javelin X
Fully automatic sniper rifle. M-90 Indra X
Heavy sniper rifle that can fire multiple times before reloading. Black Widow X