Multiplayer Manifest

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Accurate when fired in short bursts, and deadly when fired on full auto. M-8 Avenger X
Reliable, accurate sidearm. M-3 Predator X
Common military shotgun. Deadly at short range, but ineffective at long range. M-23 Katana X
A submachine gun that fires six-round bursts. M-4 Shuriken X
Powerful sniper rifle. Accurate at long range, but slow rate of fire. M-92 Mantis X


High-powered battle rifle that fires three-round bursts. M-15 Vindicator VII
Fires high-power, medium-range shots. Slower rate of fire than a true assault rifle, but more controlled. M-96 Mattock VI
Fully automatic machine gun with a good balance between precision and firepower. Phaeston II
Heavy pistol with good accuracy and fire power. M-5 Phalanx IV
Rapid fire shotgun. Deadly at short range, ineffective at long range. M-27 Scimitar II
The Eviscerator is a longer-range shotgun. M-22 Eviscerator IV
This submachine gun is deadly at short range but inaccurate at long range. M-9 Tempest IV
Designed for longer-range encounters than a standard submachine gun, the Locust is a highly accurate model with an infamous history. M-12 Locust II
Accurate and deadly at long range. M-97 Viper V
Hybrid of an assault rifle and a sniper rifle with semi-automatic fire and low recoil. M-13 Raptor VI
A sniper-rifle that fires long-range, 3-round bursts. M-29 Incisor V


Less accurate than most assault rifles, but has a high thermal clip capacity and deals heavy damage. M-76 Revenant IV
Krogan rifle with explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. Striker Assault Rifle VII
A geth pulse rifle with a high rate of fire and steady aim. Geth Pulse Rifle X
Rifle that fires mini-grenades. M-37 Falcon X
Heavy-hitting Collector assault rifle with advanced accuracy stabilization. Collector Rifle X
High-powered rifle that fires three-round bursts. M-55 Argus IX
Electrical weapon that's effective against shields and synthetic targets. Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle X
Electrical weapon that can be charged up for a more damaging blast. Arc Pistol IX
Infiltration weapon that features a silencer as to not give away the shooter's position. M-11 Suppressor VI
Highly accurate and lethal sidearm. M-6 Carnifex III
Heavy-duty one-shot pistol invented by Blood Pack weapons experts. Executioner Pistol X
Light pistol that excels at destroying barriers and shields. Acolyte X
Powerful shotgun. Very short ranged, but high stopping power. AT-12 Raider V
Quarian electrical weapon that's best at close range. Reegar Carbine X
Krogan weapon that causes blood loss damage over time. Can be charged for more damage. Graal Spike Thrower IV
Shotgun that can be charged up for additional damage. Longer range than standard shotguns. Geth Plasma Shotgun VIII
Powerful asari shotgun. A successful hit will stagger an enemy. Disciple X
Shotgun that deals tremendous close-range damage. M-300 Claymore VIII
Rapid-fire, low-recoil shotgun. N7 Piranha IX
Long-range submachine gun that fires 3-round bursts. M-25 Hornet VIII
Fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. Geth Plasma SMG VIII
Deadly accurate antimateriel rifle. M-98 Widow VIII
Heavy turian sniper rifle with explosive rounds and an automatic scope for all-range fighting. Krysae Sniper Rifle VI
Beam-based weapon capable of sustained fire. Does not require thermal clips. Collector Sniper Rifle X
Deadly one-shot batarian weapon. Causes bleed-out or disruption of target. Kishock Harpoon Gun VIII

Ultra Rare

High-powered rifle. Excellent accuracy and rate of damage. N7 Valkyrie I
This fully automatic weapon fires charged projectiles that break apart and create plasma on impact. Geth Spitfire IV
Heavy duty semi-automatic rifle. M-99 Saber VI
The Prothean Particle rifle. An alien energy weapon. Particle Rifle II
Introduced directly after the First Contact War, the M7-Lancer is a rare collector's item. M-7 Lancer III
Light machine gun with face shield. Recoil lowers if fired from cover. N7 Typhoon I
Full-auto Cerberus rifle with low recoil and heat generation. Cerberus Harrier III
Shotgun-pistol hybrid, effective at close range. M-358 Talon I
Pistol that fires adhesive explosives that can also be used as proximity mines. Scorpion I
High-powered pistol. Variant of the M-6 Carnifex. M-77 Paladin
Accurate, rapid-fire handgun. N7 Eagle
Shotgun with heavy stopping power. Variant of the M-22 Eviscerator. M-11 Wraith IV
Double-barreled shotgun that fires ammunition that detonates on impact. A third barrel fires microgrenades. Venom Shotgun
Precision shotgun, with a moderate rate of fire and high penetrative power. N7 Crusader I
SMG with a high rate of fire and high damage, but low precision. N7 Hurricane IV
Low-recoil submachine gun. High rate of fire, and effective against armor. Does not require thermal clips. Collector SMG IV
Submachine gun with a secondary barrel that fires armor-piercing rounds. Blood Pack Punisher
Sniper rifle with a slow rate of fire, offset by a quick reloading time. N7 Valiant II
Geth sniper rifle with thermal imaging that allows firing through walls. Javelin II
Fully automatic sniper rifle. M-90 Indra III
Heavy sniper rifle that can fire multiple times before reloading. Black Widow